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5-HTP+ Complex Bundle x5 bottles

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Tackle the trials and tribulations of modern-day stressors with our potent 5-HTP+ complex capsules.

Our blend of precious botanicals solves that persistent problem of 5-HTP intake; how to get a strong dose of what your body needs with none of the side-effects or drowsiness you find in other brands. The answer? To keep things 100% natural.

Your body's ability to produce 5-HTP decreases with age, robbing you of the natural resources you need to fight stress and maintain your health and wellbeing in the face of whatever life brings. Your body requires 5-HTP to produce serotonin, one of the chief chemicals necessary for the feeling of happiness and a core aspect of your ability to get a good night's sleep.

Yes, the path to total wellbeing really is lined with 5-HTP, which makes it all the more amazing that you can get everything you need from a naturally sourced, lovingly blended complex capsule.


  • Supports REM sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Mood booster
  • Improves focus


Free from: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Sodium, Artificial Flavours, Sweeteners and Preservatives.  


5HTP (Griffonia Simplicofolia), Magnesium Citrate, Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Montmorency Cherry, Avena Sativa, Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata), Hops Flower (Humulus Lupulus), Capsule Shell: Vegetable Cellulose (HPMC).



Take One Capsules Daily Preferably At Night 30 minuted before bed. Do not exceed stated dose. Serving size: 1 Capsules